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The featured asset, AGL, is agilon health Inc. The AI trading strategy has shown a potential return of 276.87% if traded between June 17, 2021, and December 19, 2023. The average trade resulted in a 34.61% return over a 58.0-day period, with a total of 8.0 positions taken. The current trading idea suggests that AGL is a strong buy at a price target of 5.98, based on a model with a 0.6 accuracy in predicting upward trends over the next 2 weeks. The consensus among analysts is a price target of 27.96 for AGL.

Agilon Health Inc (AGL) is a leading healthcare company headquartered in Long Beach, California, with a primary focus on providing value-based care for seniors. The company operates as a technology-enabled healthcare platform, providing resources and support to primary care physicians to help them deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to their patients. Agilon Health Inc was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2021, with the stock symbol AGL.

Agilon Health Inc serves the rapidly growing Medicare Advantage market, which is expected to reach $590 billion by 2025. The company works with community-based physicians to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through its innovative platform. Agilon Health Inc currently operates in 18 markets with over 2,800 primary care physicians and over 265,000 patients.

Historic Company Performance:

Agilon Health Inc has shown consistent growth since its inception. In the fiscal year ending December 2021, the company reported a revenue of $2.48 billion, a 51.5% increase from the previous year. This growth can be attributed to the company’s expansion into new markets and partnerships with leading healthcare providers.

Share Price Performance:

On 31st January 2024, the current share price for Agilon Health Inc (AGL) was $5.98. This is a significant decrease from its 52-week high of $28.36 in May 2023. The stock price has been volatile since its IPO, with a low of $14.82 in September 2021. However, the company’s fundamentals remain strong, with a market capitalization of $9.41 billion.

Current Company Information:

Agilon Health Inc’s latest quarterly report (as of 30th September 2022) shows a revenue of $2.48 billion, with a gross profit of $76.4 million. The company’s operating margin for the trailing twelve months (TTM) is -3.89%, with a return on assets of -3.39%. Agilon Health Inc’s latest diluted EPS (TTM) is -0.997, and the company does not currently offer dividends.

Analyst Target Price:

Analysts have a positive outlook on Agilon Health Inc’s future, with an average target price of $27.96, indicating a potential upside of 367% from the current share price.


Despite the recent decline in share price, Agilon Health Inc remains a promising company with strong fundamentals and a growing market. The company’s focus on value-based care, partnerships with leading healthcare providers, and expansion into new markets make it an attractive investment opportunity for long-term investors. With a growing Medicare Advantage market and a positive outlook from analysts, Agilon Health Inc (AGL) has the potential to deliver significant returns in the future.

Symbol: AGL
AssetType: Common Stock
Name: agilon health Inc
Description: agilon health, inc. The company is headquartered in Long Beach, California.
CIK: 1831097
Exchange: NYSE
Currency: USD
Country: USA
FiscalYearEnd: December
LatestQuarter: 2022-09-30
MarketCapitalization: 9406768000
EBITDA: -82928000
PERatio: None
PEGRatio: None
BookValue: 2.637
DividendPerShare: 0
DividendYield: 0
EPS: -0.997
RevenuePerShareTTM: 6.14
ProfitMargin: -0.043
OperatingMarginTTM: -0.0389
ReturnOnAssetsTTM: -0.0339
ReturnOnEquityTTM: -0.0978
RevenueTTM: 2481323000
GrossProfitTTM: 76413000
DilutedEPSTTM: -0.997
QuarterlyEarningsGrowthYOY: 0
QuarterlyRevenueGrowthYOY: 0.515
AnalystTargetPrice: 27.96
TrailingPE: –
ForwardPE: 114.94
PriceToSalesRatioTTM: 2.855
PriceToBookRatio: 6.57
EVToRevenue: 2.509
EVToEBITDA: -69.29
Beta: None
52WeekHigh: 28.36
52WeekLow: 14.82
50DayMovingAverage: 18.72
200DayMovingAverage: 20.71
SharesOutstanding: 411855000
DividendDate: None
ExDividendDate: None

Date Symbol Prediction Model Accuracy Price Target Analyst Target
2024-01-31 AGL STRONGBUY 0.6 5.98 27.96
2024-01-25 AGL MEDIUMBUY 0.6 7.15 27.96
2024-01-08 AGL WEAKBUY 0.6 9.18 27.96

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