AI Trading NYSE Mon, 30 Jan

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AI Trading NYSE Mon, 30 Jan

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Our featured asset today is BURL. According to our AI trading strategy, it is currently a strong buy as of January 25th, 2023, with a suggested price target of $223.41. This prediction is based on a model with an overall accuracy of 76% when predicting an upward trend within the next two weeks. If you had traded with our AI from 2014-01-03 to 2022-08-18, you could have potentially made a return of 619.23%, with an average of 32.59% per trade and lasting an average of 88 days. There were a total of 19 positions taken over the period.

BURL is a publicly-traded company in the retail sector that operates a chain of nationwide home furnishing stores. The company’s stores offer furniture, bedding, mattresses, window treatments, appliances, and home decor. BURL also operates an online store that provides customers with an easy shopping experience. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has locations in several states. BURL is focused on providing quality products at an affordable price, with an emphasis on customer service. The company has a strong presence in the retail sector and is well-positioned to benefit from the increasing demand for home furnishing products.

Burlington Stores Inc. (BURL) is a US-based retailer that specializes in off-price apparel and home furnishings. The company’s share price has been rising steadily since the beginning of 2021, reaching a peak of around $253 per share in late April. The company’s financial performance has been strong, with revenue, earnings, and same-store sales all up year-over-year. The company’s e-commerce business has been particularly strong, with sales up over 70% in the first quarter of 2021. The company has also been expanding its store base, with plans to open up to 50 new locations in 2021. In addition, Burlington recently announced a $1 billion stock repurchase plan, which could be a sign of confidence in the company’s future prospects. Overall, BURL shares appear to be a good long-term investment, as the company is well-positioned to benefit from the recovery in the retail sector.

BURL is a specialty retail company that offers a range of products and services. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has a strong presence in the retail industry.

In terms of financial performance, BURL has seen a steady increase in sales over the past few years. The company reported net sales of $1.1 billion in 2018, a 4% increase compared to the prior year. This increase was primarily driven by growth in the company’s e-commerce and store sales.

In addition, the company’s gross profit margin increased to 41.7% in 2018, up from 39.9% in 2017. This is a positive sign, indicating that the company is generating more profit from each sale.

BURL also reported strong operating cash flow, generating $471 million in 2018 compared to $381 million in 2017. This is indicative of a healthy business as cash flow is critical for a company’s continued operations.

Overall, BURL’s performance appears to be strong. The company is generating increasing sales and profits, as well as a healthy cash flow. This is a positive sign for the company and its investors.

Date Symbol Prediction Model Accuracy Price Target
2023-01-25 BURL STRONGBUY 0.76 223.41
2023-01-24 BURL MEDIUMBUY 0.76 226.49

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Back-testing and model summaries

Symbol From Date To Date Model Accuracy Acc Profit/Loss Avg Profit/Loss Avg Days Invested Total Positions
BR 2008-01-14 2022-08-12 83.0 324.30 32.43 98.0 10.0
ADM 1999-11-19 2022-09-09 80.0 705.43 29.39 75.0 24.0
DPZ 2004-12-07 2022-12-05 79.0 1071.01 41.19 112.0 26.0
CUK 2001-02-08 2022-12-01 78.0 1307.43 36.32 80.0 36.0
BURL 2014-01-03 2022-08-18 76.0 619.23 32.59 88.0 19.0
NRG 2004-01-08 2022-09-15 76.0 1064.37 31.30 85.0 34.0
ANET 2014-10-08 2022-12-02 75.0 733.68 33.35 84.0 22.0
TAL 2010-10-26 2022-12-20 74.0 1424.76 44.52 81.0 32.0
MOS 2000-02-01 2022-08-29 73.0 2149.12 40.55 70.0 53.0
EDU 2006-09-18 2022-09-12 71.0 4289.59 93.25 90.0 46.0
BAK 2000-02-14 2022-10-13 70.0 3147.24 46.97 64.0 67.0
PBR 2000-09-08 2022-11-30 69.0 2397.58 35.26 64.0 68.0
NIO 2018-11-28 2022-12-08 68.0 1552.72 81.72 48.0 19.0
CGC 2014-04-21 2022-12-05 67.0 1909.16 51.60 41.0 37.0
TME 2019-04-17 2022-09-01 66.0 465.75 33.27 52.0 14.0
TWLO 2016-10-03 2022-11-11 65.0 1164.85 52.95 62.0 22.0

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