AI Trading NYSE Mon, 22 Aug

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AI Trading NYSE Mon, 22 Aug

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Our featured asset today is NYSE:JPM. If you traded between 2000-02-08 – 2021-06-08 with our AI strategy, you would have made a 992.22% return. On average a trade made 35.44% and was 65.0 days in the long position. There were a total of 28.0 positions taken over the period.

AI Trading NYSE Mon, 22 Aug buys

Date Symbol Prediction Model Accuracy Price Target
2022-08-19 NYSE:BABA STRONGBUY 0.99 95.72

AI Trading NYSE Mon, 22 Aug sells

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Back-testing and model summaries

Symbol From Date To Date Model Accuracy Acc Profit/Loss Avg Profit/Loss Avg Days Invested Total Positions
NYSE:BABA 2014-11-12 2022-07-07 99.0 583.81 34.34 77.0 17.0

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