The COMEX, LBMA, Dubai, And China – With William Purpura

The COMEX, LBMA, Dubai, And China – With William…

In this BullionStar Perspectives video, I talk to gold and commodities futures trader William Purpura about the COMEX futures exchange, the LBMA, and the gold markets in Dubai and China. William is Chairman of the COMEX Governors Committee and is a font of knowledge about the gold markets. This is a must see interview for those with an interest in the COMEX and gold.

Filmed in December 2020, the interview is 47 minutes long, and each topic in the interview is clickable as follows:

0:00 Introduction

00:41 William’s career as a futures trader

02:48 The role of the COMEX Board of Governors

04:14 The function and benefits of futures markets

05:58 Physically settled vs cash-settled contracts

07:26 The triggers for COMEX metal inflows during 2020

09:51 Gold deliveries within the COMEX vaults, but lack of withdrawals

12:52 Eligible gold – A suitable metric to gauge tradeable inventory?

15:05 COMEX mass approval of LBMA Good Delivery Brands in July

17:11 Potential settlement of COMEX contracts in London vaults

19:52 Purpose of the COMEX ‘Enhanced Delivery’ 400 oz gold contract

22:40 COMEX and LBMA cooperation, EFP anomaly and arbitrage

25:35 Mechanics of warrant delivery between short and long on COMEX

29:07 Why vaults in New York apply to get COMEX approved

30:51 The LBMA and its recent attempts to influence major gold centers

35:27 Should the LBMA be the global authority for precious metals?

38:41 Dubai as a major gold hub, Opportunities, Growth and Competition

41:09 China’s gold market: Derivatives, Physical, and Cross-Border flows

45:09 COMEX as a physical precious metal delivery center in 2021

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